For the love of spring.

Nothing beats the smell of spring, there is a certain freshness to it that you got to love. The air seems clean and the sun is just that perfect combination of hot but not so hot that I can fry a slice of bacon on myself.

As September ticks over to October a refreshed, happier and warmer Melbournian emerges onto the streets. Travelers, no longer robots racing against time, stop every now and then to take in the glorious surroundings. With the knowledge that summer is blossoming, this place we call home feels cosy once again.

It’s also that wonderful time of the year where we realise we spent way too much time in winter, indoors sipping red wine with the ladies! Those extra servings of warm apple pie have now become extra inches on our hips and even though we didn’t spend the whole of winter curled up under the covers, drinking hot chocolate and skipping boot camp, we know there is still work to be done to get back to that summer lovin’ beach body we had.

With this in mind and the lovely spring air it’s time to brush the dust of my helmet and join my boy for a cycling adventure around the west: Adventures with Sara & Jelly.

Our adventure itineraries are almost always centered around food; a local favourite, a new talk of the town, a hidden gem or anything within a 1 km radius!

Our motto: work hard, train hard and eat hard, its makes us the perfect pair.

Today’s destination: Yarraville Farmers Market.

The journey there is a breeze. We are at one with the cars, pushing up & speeding down the hills, conquering each obstacle I get thrown. Keeping up with my cycling machine, I can feel the efforts of the last two weeks of my “shake away the winter blues” training program starting to work.

A well rewarded rest and replenish and with a few extra calories to burn now we set off once again.

Adventures of Sara & JellyHis & Hers

Our route ahead: the banks of the Maribyrnong River

It only takes minutes for the regret to sink in.

My legs are trembling beneath me.

Perhaps I should have taken a slightly less cocky approach to the ride there.

On the other hand…

Jelly is in full steam; he reaches the river and his home, zipping around the banks like Cadel Evans on his last leg of his Tour De France Triumph. Before i can shout out to him to go on ahead, our paths have already been lost.

Determined to catch a glimpse of him, I power on ahead, but my tired, angry legs are too slow.

Images of the monstrous climb up ahead haunt me and just as I am about to admit defeat, I see Jelly shoot out of the corner…He’s come back to rescue me, hopefully with a portable stretcher strapped to his back.

Unfortunately all he has to offer is some dear words of encouragement, which I humbly accept and precede onwards to my inevitable fate.

Determination and inner strength push me through the next twenty minutes. Mind over matter, one pedal stroke at a time and as home draws near, my breath gets calm.

With the sight of success my body surrenders…

On this beautiful spring afternoon, I am the winner.

Who am I and why am I here?

Sara Caputo; daughter, sister, aunty, friend, girlfriend, lover, spoilt brat, princess, performer, artist, writer, entertainer, creative lunatic, clown, actress, dancer, image conscious, image obsessed, foodie, fitness nut, yogi, burpee queen, beast… sexy beast, right handed, left brain newbie, business woman, business owner, program developer, motivator, helper, procrastinator, passionate, fiery, explosive, emotional italian and fab-u-lous! For some the answer to who am I just rolls of their tongue, for others the moment they get asked their insides turn, their throats tighten and and their brain thumps…crazy, stressful thoughts start shooting off inside you as you stand, paralysed and dumb founded wanting to scream, “How the hell do I answer this?” That’s me! Whats the right answer? What’s the answer that is most true to the current situation? What does the the other person want the answer to be? Why does this have to be so hard? And the answer to that is simple… I doesn’t! You are who you are, whatever you are and it can be one word, 10 words, 500 words. It may be easy to formulate or the longest sentence ever made full of grammatical errors and non existent words. What ever it is I am sure its Fab-u-lous and I want to find it. By the way I am just finding this all too! I am here to share my crazy journey of finding fabulous, Admitting and accepting who you are, where you come from and where you might be going can get tricky and sticky and eekie and if we can’t talk about, laugh about it, cry about it and share it with people then that would be just a tad boring. I love telling stories. This is my creative journey and if someone out there reads this, connects with it or exits the page with a smile than thats my bonus. Lets find Fab-u-lous everywhere!