Daily Prompt: “Life is to short to not tell that special someone you love them.”

I am a hopeless romantic, a sucker for a good old fashioned love story and an I love you slut!

You never know what tomorrow will bring so why live with regrets?

If you love someone don’t be afraid to let them know how you feel before its too late, worst case scenario they may not say it back, but then at least you know!

More often than none, telling someone you love them will probably make their day!

Jelly and I have one important rule to sustain a happy partnership: no matter what the day has brought or what we are dealing with, before lights out we give each other a goodnight kiss and an ” I love you.”

No Time to Waste

A World of Happily Ever After

I want a heart wrenching, tissue searching, soul gripping romance.

A book of love

First love.

Forbidden love.

Treasured love.

I want to escape in the passion.

Be the voyeur…the little girl peeping through the bullet hole.

I want to feel the joy run through her skin as he kisses her ever so gentle beneath the ear.

Tremble with his touch.

Feel the Fire.



I want to smile, laugh and cry knowing he will always come back for her.

And I want to close my eyes and believe, in a world where there is so much hate, so much war, so much struggle for power and freedom, that wonderful, little love stories are erupting everywhere.


A response to the Daily Promt: The Great Devide

Inspired by a remarkable read, The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons