Somewhere along the line we decided…

My alarm goes off at 7:30am. I snooze, 3 times before I have no other option than to drag my heavy, tired self out of bed.

Shit! Realising the time I know I am going to have to create another excuse as to why I am 5 minutes late…again.

I jump in the shower. BAM, my first obstacle of the day: whether or not I will wash my hair.

Second obstacle hits shortly after, as I scramble around the room trying to find something decent and semi ironed to wear to work.

Why didn’t I get myself organised last night before I went to bed, like I said I would.

After wasting 5 precious minutes trying to find myself amongst the mess. I am half ready and out the door. Yes, I will make sure I clean row place up tonight.

I drive myself to work, using each traffic light to slap on some foundation, bronze my cheeks and lengthen my lashes, fumbling with my clutch every time as frustrated drivers impatiently toot their horns behind me.

I arrive at work, run up the stairs and with my wet hair sloshed across my face I blurt out “OH MY GOD. I have been sitting in the worst traffic. A school bus broke down and they closed the whole main road, ON BOTH SIDES, so they could usher all the kids off and let another bus through AND a tow truck. Bloody inconsiderate arse holes. Traffic was crazy on both side and even trying to swing around the back roads was a nightmare.” I gasp trying to catch my breath.

Puzzled faces stare back at me, looks of amusement, and sighs of disbelief.  Closed a whole main road? Bloody arse holes? Wow I should have thought this one through a bit better. Quickly, trying to deviate the entire scene I have created and to find a place to hide in embarresment, I offer to make everyone his or her early morning pick me up…yes caffeine…GIVE IT TO ME NOW!

Once at my desk I turn on my computer and first task: I check me emails. Correct nothing important except a couple of coupon, scoupon, groupon, emails which I can’t afford to get sucked into right now.  So instead I send my usual email to my girlfriend to wish her good morning and complain about my own….for a whole page and a half!

Fantastic one hour done, 7 more to go…

And the workday probably continues like this…Becoming a hazy blur of procrastination and work, heavily siding towards procrastination with a few lame jokes in-between to ensure everyone at the office thinks I am cool. Which quiet clearly the don’t.

Home time draws near and I start to clean my desk, then the kitchen, then anything else around me that may look like it might need an extra little scrub. Whilst preparing for the work day to be completed, I have nightmare flashes of the pile of washing that’s creeping up the walls in my bathroom and guilt already begins to loom above me, knowing, yet again, that tonight will not be the night I become dear old Sadie!

By 5pm, my bag is packed, and I am hoping that my cute smile and puppy dog eyes will be enough for me to slip out the door without having to do overtime for the days work I can’t produce.

Phew! Not knowing whether it worked or they simply don’t care, I quickly mumble goodbye and I am out,

I make a quick stop at the gym, smash out a workout, the only thing that really makes me feel good about myself, head home and sooner or later after I struggle with what I might eat for dinner, deciding on vegemite toast, I find myself crawling into bed ready for it all to start again…

But imagine if one day we didn’t hit snooze, that we decided that life was far to important to waste another second getting lost amongst the mess we create.

Imagine we believed in our extraordinary talents and wanted to share them with the world.

Imagine we had the power to choose all our actions, to determine what we wanted to do.

That instead of letting our bodies feed off our negativity; we threw them a couple of nice, warm and fuzzies: We tried meditation, we found a love of boxing, we set small task like reading a chapter of a book a night, that made us feel like we had accomplished something when completed.

Just image we invested in a workshop or that short course we had been meaning to do but just haven’t got around too.  Imagine we reenrolled into university.

I want to learn to play the Ukulele….Imagine I did!

Imagine we did enough feel good things, that our bodies forgot what it felt like to feel depressed, fat, ugly, angry, defensive and lethargic.

And then what if the next day we just didn’t hit snooze.

Time to begin the short story I always wanted to.

Go for a run.

Add 10% of my monthly salary towards my next holiday that I am always complaining I can’t afford.

Did you know that the same receptors in our brains that catch excitement also catch virus and if they are too busy catching excitement then they got not time to waste on virus.

Imagine the possible because you can create it.

“Life Rewards Actions” – Benjamin J Harvey, Founder of Authentic Education. 

Monday Inspiration!

“Honour your calling. Everyone has one.  Trust your heart and success will come to you.” – Oprah Winfrey

A Habitual Makeover!

I have a habit of giving up!

Strange for a girl who was born with good will, determination, strength and a back bone ingrained with stubbornness.

But my 20’s have some how taught me, when the going gets tough…wallk away! Over the last two weeks I have been dealing with a range of emotions all related to my habit of letting myself down.

The reason why it fustrates, angers, saddens and drives me crazy is that I see it happen right in front of my very own eyes and I don’t stop. In the midst of goal kicking, body smashing, power pumping I find an reason to fall of track.

In fact, I don’t event initiate it any more, like all habits be it bad or good, it has become part of my normal routine.  My brain has been been reprogrammed to automatically restart just as results are starting surface and transformations begin to transpire.

I have habit trigger’s that are deeply embedded into my subconscious and need to be attended to. Whilst Sara on the outside, is ready to commit to a new phase of fabyoulessness, ready to make changes towards creating a successfull, happy & healthier future, subconsciously, on the inside, emotional and physical habit triggers, are far to strong to help make my goals become a reality.

I am in need of hardcore habitual makeover!

My body is resisting change.  It extremely frustrating and very annoying.  Lately it has been keeping my on edge.   Why am I resisting? Why do i feel its a constant 2 steps forward one step back? I can see it, I can taste it and I KNOW I CAN HAVE IT by why is it so damn hard?

Anyone else out there feel my pain?

First I must remind myself that there is no quick fix, change isn’t easy and whilst i may have been working towards a new personal freedrom for quite some time, have I simply just been scratching at the surface?

What am I not releasing subconsciously that is holding me back?

I am one of the most disorganised person I know.  Just last week I lost my bank card for the third time this year!  In fact the stranger at the bank teller, who is clearly not really a stranger at all, told me that I should where it around my neck as she remembers ordering  me a new one only 2 MONTHS AGO!

I never write down a plan of action. In fact I never write down a plan. I create goals, formulate ideas and get ambtious and excited about future dreams but shamed to admit it,  I never actually write them down.

I take no real ownership from my goals. I don’t document them.  I don’t track them.

I have a habit of  avoiding accountability.

If nobody knows, no one will see me fail.

Why am I so scared of not achieving my goals?

Because I spend to much time worrying what people will think of me if I don’t do what I set out to do.

To scared of letting others down… I am letting myself down every day.

Did you know up until 3 days ago I was a smoker? After being a reformer smoker…….for 12 months…..TWICE! One of the worst habits a health enthusiast could have.  I mean talk about your body and mind acting in opposition right!

So where to now? My plan of action:  Identify, Destroy, Rebuild.

I am dedicating the last two months of 2014 to creating a well planned, solid platform, for no exceptions for fabulous 2015. Those New Years Resolutions which I draft in my head every year but never stuck to are going to be a nicely thought out list of goals to tick off. Published and finalised before midnight 31st of December.

But why should I wait to start working on them next year? There is no day like today! So whilst the list is developing I am already moving towards my habitual makeover!

“Change might not be fast and isn’t always easy.  But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.” – Charles Dughigg

This Sunday I will be posting a list of bad habits that I will be taking control of in 2015.  I challenge you to do the same.

You can keep track of my progress by watching this space.

Join in with the challenges and stay accountable with me!

I would love for you from you.

Please share your habitual enemies, plans for a makeover and goals for making 2015 fab-you-lous!