The eyes of new life.

The atmosphere created by a new born baby is a gift.

Their innocence and purity is so rare.

Their hearts are open and accepting,

Grateful to be here and bound for success.

They know nothing of war and nothing of hate.

No jealousy, no greed, no anger.

A calmess encompasses them,

That soothes the mind.

And you cannot help but smile as you lift them into your arms.

Their eyes glistening,

There is hope, peace & serenity.

Their life, even in its beginnings, seems so fulfilled.

If only this could last forever.

Too see through their lens,

Then perhaps this world might be a more contented space.


Welcome to this world, my dear nephew Mathew, I already love you so much.

“Each person was meant to blossom into their own unique signature of greatness.

The beautiful path is not a place outside of yourself, but rather a place you carry with you everywhere you go.

Find the Magic that is in your heart.

Allow it to breath.

This is your moment. You decide.” –  Adriano Di Prato,

My dear friend and inspiration: a man who is continually learning, exploring

finding fab- you -lous

I thank you.

#Permission ToTriumph

Daily Prompt: “Life is to short to not tell that special someone you love them.”

I am a hopeless romantic, a sucker for a good old fashioned love story and an I love you slut!

You never know what tomorrow will bring so why live with regrets?

If you love someone don’t be afraid to let them know how you feel before its too late, worst case scenario they may not say it back, but then at least you know!

More often than none, telling someone you love them will probably make their day!

Jelly and I have one important rule to sustain a happy partnership: no matter what the day has brought or what we are dealing with, before lights out we give each other a goodnight kiss and an ” I love you.”

No Time to Waste

“If I try to use human influence strategies and tactics of how to get other people to do what I want, to work better, to be more motivated, to like me and each other – while my character is fundamentally flawed, marked by duplicity and insincerity – then, in the long run, I cannot be successful.” – Stephen R. Covey – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

A Habitual Makeover!

I have a habit of giving up!

Strange for a girl who was born with good will, determination, strength and a back bone ingrained with stubbornness.

But my 20’s have some how taught me, when the going gets tough…wallk away! Over the last two weeks I have been dealing with a range of emotions all related to my habit of letting myself down.

The reason why it fustrates, angers, saddens and drives me crazy is that I see it happen right in front of my very own eyes and I don’t stop. In the midst of goal kicking, body smashing, power pumping I find an reason to fall of track.

In fact, I don’t event initiate it any more, like all habits be it bad or good, it has become part of my normal routine.  My brain has been been reprogrammed to automatically restart just as results are starting surface and transformations begin to transpire.

I have habit trigger’s that are deeply embedded into my subconscious and need to be attended to. Whilst Sara on the outside, is ready to commit to a new phase of fabyoulessness, ready to make changes towards creating a successfull, happy & healthier future, subconsciously, on the inside, emotional and physical habit triggers, are far to strong to help make my goals become a reality.

I am in need of hardcore habitual makeover!

My body is resisting change.  It extremely frustrating and very annoying.  Lately it has been keeping my on edge.   Why am I resisting? Why do i feel its a constant 2 steps forward one step back? I can see it, I can taste it and I KNOW I CAN HAVE IT by why is it so damn hard?

Anyone else out there feel my pain?

First I must remind myself that there is no quick fix, change isn’t easy and whilst i may have been working towards a new personal freedrom for quite some time, have I simply just been scratching at the surface?

What am I not releasing subconsciously that is holding me back?

I am one of the most disorganised person I know.  Just last week I lost my bank card for the third time this year!  In fact the stranger at the bank teller, who is clearly not really a stranger at all, told me that I should where it around my neck as she remembers ordering  me a new one only 2 MONTHS AGO!

I never write down a plan of action. In fact I never write down a plan. I create goals, formulate ideas and get ambtious and excited about future dreams but shamed to admit it,  I never actually write them down.

I take no real ownership from my goals. I don’t document them.  I don’t track them.

I have a habit of  avoiding accountability.

If nobody knows, no one will see me fail.

Why am I so scared of not achieving my goals?

Because I spend to much time worrying what people will think of me if I don’t do what I set out to do.

To scared of letting others down… I am letting myself down every day.

Did you know up until 3 days ago I was a smoker? After being a reformer smoker…….for 12 months…..TWICE! One of the worst habits a health enthusiast could have.  I mean talk about your body and mind acting in opposition right!

So where to now? My plan of action:  Identify, Destroy, Rebuild.

I am dedicating the last two months of 2014 to creating a well planned, solid platform, for no exceptions for fabulous 2015. Those New Years Resolutions which I draft in my head every year but never stuck to are going to be a nicely thought out list of goals to tick off. Published and finalised before midnight 31st of December.

But why should I wait to start working on them next year? There is no day like today! So whilst the list is developing I am already moving towards my habitual makeover!

“Change might not be fast and isn’t always easy.  But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.” – Charles Dughigg

This Sunday I will be posting a list of bad habits that I will be taking control of in 2015.  I challenge you to do the same.

You can keep track of my progress by watching this space.

Join in with the challenges and stay accountable with me!

I would love for you from you.

Please share your habitual enemies, plans for a makeover and goals for making 2015 fab-you-lous! 


Last weekend Adventures of Sara & Jelly took us on a little weekend trip to my happy place, the coast.

Give me a beach view over a city view any day. To hear the waves crash against the shore is my inner peace, to smell the fresh sea salt air is my bliss and to walk barefoot with the sand falling in between my toes is my heaven!

If I could escape the hustle and bustle of Suburbia every weekend, I would be packed and out the door on Friday afternoon before you could say boo! However work schedules and social calendars don’t always permit.

Unfortunately this weekend was no exception. With a wedding in town and Jelly’s birthday to celebrate, I had to settled for the nearest coastline 20 minutes from home in St.Kilda, its no Victorian Great Ocean Road buy hey, I am not complaining.

We stayed in a cute little hotel on Fitzroy Street, The Urban Boutique Hotel St. Kilda. Bubbles upon arrival, a big double king bed that we could have lost each other in, a spa bath over looking a private garden view, a beautiful hot pink espresso machine and the most important part, complimentary passes to use The St. Kilda Sea Baths.

You see our hotel must be chosen with on important factor in mind, “what’s the gym like?” It doesn’t matter where we go, how many stars, or how great of a discount I manage to snap up, if the gym ain’t good, or dear I say there isn’t one I have to hear about it all weekend!

So I was clearly winning when he discovered that my chosen surprise destination meant he could spend Saturday morning working in an A class fitness centre, over looking the ocean!

Next stop on our birthday agenda…. Kite Surfing!

Looking back now I completely misjudged the expectations of a two hour lesson. Silly me assumed we were going to be riding the waves like a pros in no time. I am fit, strong and my dance and yoga trainer makes me an excellent candidate for sustainability, control and balance, why wouldn’t I be?

What the tittle of our lesson should have read; a two hour introduction to kite flying!

I am not sure about you, but my childhood certainly did not involve much kite flying, the only memories I have of it is Mary Poppins, Mr Banks and “Let’s go fly I kite, up where the air is bright, ” but how hard could it be right?


“ The trainer Kite,” 1a quarter of the size of the actually kite, was powerful enough to plunge me to my knees, face down, dragging me through the sand …twice!

To say I was embarrassed was an understatement. I mean who couldn’t fly a kite?


Fighting with the kite was no option; trust me you end up being the loser. You certainly couldn’t use your strength to beat the kite. Show the kite any sense of irritation or impatience and it would almost laugh in your face and send you plummeting to the floor.

I felt like I was witnessing a perfect interaction of yin and yang…gone completely wrong!

Clearly my foundation was far from sold or accurate.

The harder I worked to succeed, the more unnecessary force I created.

Our communication was cut.

Our dance broken.

No Yin and Yang., just a struggle for power.

It got me thinking about power.

What good is Power if you don’t have all the fundamental support elements behind it?

Is it really power at all?

Or is it just a preponderance of energy that can destroy?

The kite encompasses properties that are bright, active and fiery. Working effectively, it is a very powerful instrument, able to soar through the air, move life, move me.

However take a step back.

What is the objective of the kite?

To fly.

As the kite drags me to the ground and pulls me through the sand, what proceeds almost seconds after?

The kite plummets to the ground too.

The oxford dictionary defines power “as the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events.”

True the kite most definitely influenced me but how was this effective?

In order for the kite’s true potential to be realised, the base line, the controller, me, has to be present, has to be giving, has to be connected.

An infinity loop: a constant exchange of energy.

I need you and you need me. We are all a combined entity that is powerful. One cannot to powerful without the other.

We often forget how important each player is. We forget that even though we may not be the head of our department, the director of a company, the principle performer or the team captain, does not mean we do not have the ability to create change or influence behaviours in others or ourselves.

We are all put on this earth as powerful creatures; it is what we do with it, how we interact with others, share our strengths, nurture each others weaknesses, that truly determines greatness.

The Yang cannot grow without the Yin.

One man cannot rule alone.

The kite is powerful because of you.

Problems of a Perfectionist!

So it’s Wednesday, 4 days out from my Pink Ribbon Fundraiser Event,  Pink Ribbon Girls Day Out and the protectionist inside of me is going a little cuckoo!

I set out to organise this event only six weeks ago,  I now see I was possibly selling myself a little short of time from the beginning.

“That’s okay it’s a learning curve for next time,” I tell myself.

Realistically I hate learning curves!

Even though, I know I have probably done the best I can,  I still want to do more, have more, get more, sell more…..more, more, MORE!

Is that a problem with society today? Do we always want more of what have or even need?

Do we expect way to much of ourselves?

I need a reality switch: Instead of looking at all the wonderful things I have achieved, the organisations I have brought together as sponsors, the wonderful guests I have by my side, the family and friends who have lent me fabulous huge hands and  the funds I have been able to raise for The Pink Ribbon Campaign, I am focusing on the negative.


Breath, relax, be patient and be kind,  

Sunday the 2nd of November is going to be a wonderful sunny Melbourne Day.

Join us on the rooftop at Campari House restaurant & Rooftop.

23 – 25 Hardware Ln, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

We have 15 tickets left before we are sold out! BOOK NOW!

I can’t wait to share this day with everyone and help make a difference.


Pink Ribbon Event Invite_A3-0

So I don’t look like a Ballerina but I can deadlift my body weight!

I am falling in love with my body. I feel like a rejuvenated woman, in the early stages of a blossoming romance. It’s new, it’s extremely different and I feel fantastic.

I bet your thinking I must have lost 10 kilograms!

No. Recently I haven’t lost any weight, and that annoying 5 kilograms that is keeping me from my dream goal of 55 kilograms, still refuses to go away. To tell you the truth I think I am stuck with that for life and I don’t care.

Dearest stubborn five kilos welcome to my body, feel free to continue making your self-comfortable!

It no longer pains me to share that I am a 5ft1 female who weighs 60 kilograms.   You can turn your noes up at that; I won’t be offended because do you know what this means?

I am short, strong and sexy.

My weight struggles are no big secrete, I enjoy sharing them because I think people can learn from them. No, I have never been anorexic because, like most Italians I love food way too much. Food has always been my comfort. Some people don’t eat when they are stressed. Me? I eat when stressed. Being constantly stressed about not being thin meant I was constantly eating because eating made me feel better. However Once I was done eating, the guilt set it, I would vow to never eat again only to find that the stress would overwhelm me and I would just end up eating yet again.

Wow that hurt my brain just trying to explain it. A catch 22 and a complete mind jumble!

Doctors would have diagnosed me as a binge eater. This eventually rolled into; number one advocator for taking laxatives, because honestly who actually enjoys sticking their fingers down their throats not to mention the taste of acid shooting up their oesophagus.

Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Sure Slim, Atkins, South Beach, low carb, no carb, lemon detox drink, juices, special soup diet, you name it I have probably tried…and in between when they weren’t working, my drug of choice…laxatives.

Truth is, none of them worked. Sure I lost weight, but the beautiful Ballerina never once looked back at me in the mirror and my mind was still left angry!

I was never badly over weight and if people had of just left me to be a child and develop naturally things may have been okay. Instead I was constantly told what image was right, the prima Bellarine, and what was wrong, me. What I could eat, whole heap of carrots and celery sticks, and what I couldn’t: bread, pasta, chocolate, ice – cream, anything not in the heath and food isle!

To love food was my curse. You try telling an Italian to defy their natural instincts…well your just doomed from the start!

Naturally I am not a very big eater but when you starve your body or like when you tell a child you can’t have something they really want, when no one was looking I overindulged. My relationship with food developed a very negative connotation.

When I finally gave up trying to be what I was told to be and what I had believed to be perfect and began exploring different avenues, I started to formulate my own ideas, beliefs and goals.

Firstly, my body structure is not one of a ballerina. I have broad shoulders that I spent years defending; no I am not a swimmer. Mind you I used to hate it but now I just wear it as a compliment. My childbearing hips have a little extra something special from my Italian heritage; they are solid and round. These physical feature I cannot change this no matter how hard I try.

So what do I do now?

I take what I have, work with it and just make it better!

Knowing I love food means I have to work hard to enjoy it but working hard gives me that power to get what I want. Those little no no’s like chocolate, ice-cream, bread or pizza become my rewards and when I stop making them negatives sometimes I realise I don’t even need them, but you have to pleasure your sense every now and then!

Exploring ways to be fit and push myself has led me to sports and activities I would have never tried. I now enjoy going for runs, weight lifting, boxing, kettle bell workouts, cycling, last week my partner brought me roller blades! These activities are not chores but things I enjoy and choose to do, on my own or with friends.

Yes some may say I am big and yes sometimes I can’t wear certain tops because my shoulders are to broad, or certain pants because my thighs are thick but maybe that designer didn’t design those items with my body structure in mind and that’s okay.

When I first met my partner, his pick up line was “how much do you squat?” I was mortified, I immediately thought he was making fun of my thunder thighs. Unknown to me he was actually paying me a compliment! Today if I was asked, I would just turn around and say proudly 50kg (I am very happy to announce that this was my new record just made today!)

I am stronger than I have ever been both physically and mentally and that’s because I am interested in being fit and healthy and the only way to do that is with the right frame of mind.

So I know I will never look like a Ballerina, its not physically possible and I am just not made that way!

There is no point it trying to obtain unrealistic goals.

However I can and do deadlift my own bodyweight, an achievement that makes me proud of my body and what I can do!

Next goal is to be able to do a chin up.

Don’t let your surrounds determine what is right for you. Starting making choices that make you happy.


I’ll Walk Alone.

Happy creature
Hold me tight.
Share your wisdom
Be my light.

Never fear
You’ll be alright.
The wind is in you
Just take flight

Happy creature
You can’t let go.
My shadow scares me
I can’t go on.

Play my child,
Sing my beauty,
Succeed on this earth
And remember your duty

Happy creature
You’ll never be lost
Your glorious power
It’s you, it’s me, i it’s us.

Stars shine,
hearts beat.
A fire within me
That can defeat.

One Lovely Blog Award.

Just over a month from starting this blog and I am shocked and very grateful to have been nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award.

As a newbie, everyday I am excited by the stories I read, pictures I see and the people I meet.  Its fantastic to be a part of a culture where people are brave and daring with their creations and are proud to showcase their work.  It’s a gift and I admire the generosity of you all.

Thank you Flooding August for your nomination.  Your blog is delightful.  I have enjoyed reading your posts and I look forward to discovering more of your journey.


The One Lovely Blog Award nominations are chosen by fellow bloggers for those newer and up-and-coming bloggers. The goal is to help give recognition and also to help the new blogger to reach more viewers. It also recognizes blogs that are considered to be “lovely” by the fellow bloggers who choose them. This award recognizes bloggers who share their story or thoughts in a beautiful manner to connect with viewers and followers. In order to “accept” the award the nominated blogger must follow several guidelines:

Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
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Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.
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Seven facts about me:

Seven Facts/Things about Sara:

  1. I wish I was more organised!
  2. I drive a two door Holden Barina, equipped for four passengers but generally only has room for one!
  3. Watching people cry makes me cry.
  4. I can talk your ear off.
  5. I am the youngest of three daughters and the aunty of three nieces… our family find it difficult to produces boys!
  6. I have a passion for food.
  7. If it’s the end of the day and I haven’t been physical….DON’T TALK TO ME!

15 Bloggers I admire

  1. Sophieologie
  2. Lifestyles with Lia
  3. Eat Run Snooze Repeat 
  4. April4June6 – A Journal of Self-Transformation 
  5. Christian and Creative
  6. Telln’ it like it is
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  15. Epiphanies

Everyone has a story to tell…and someone out there is listening!