My Angel Above

High above the sky you float,
You shine there so peacefully,
My hero, my guide, my friend.

Without even knowing I have asked you to protect me,
To give me the answers I crave to seek,
And to stay forever with me, even when I drift.

It’s taken me a while to admit you’re there,
Pretending I am strong,
And too stubborn to care.

Today I salute you and welcome you in,
I give you my love,
So come down from up above.

You may sit with me now,
You may dance with me now,
No more hiding, you belong with me now.


There are a million and one signs.
Reminding you,
Slow down.
Yet you continue on,
Full Steam.
Not a minute to pause,
Choosing to ignore,
Fearful to see.
How many times do you think you can escape?
Spared your carless mistakes?
If you’re not careful,
You could be lost,
Vanish without a note,
A kiss,
A lasting goodbye.
Go on,
Keep running.
But my friend,
The more you run,
The harder it gets.
Don’t let the world miss out.
Denying them the privilege,
To bathe in your magic.
Beauties you can create,
Smiles you make.
No one is scared…
Only you.
But be careful, my child
Enemies will form,
In time.
As you continue to lay pillar,
Beside column,
Between walls,
Amongst thorns.
Sooner or later, you will be trapped.
No one to protect you.
Put down your armour and Open your heart.
Never fear. .
Let the Devine take over,
Guiding you home.
This universe is yours.
It’s your only choice.

I’ll Walk Alone.

Happy creature
Hold me tight.
Share your wisdom
Be my light.

Never fear
You’ll be alright.
The wind is in you
Just take flight

Happy creature
You can’t let go.
My shadow scares me
I can’t go on.

Play my child,
Sing my beauty,
Succeed on this earth
And remember your duty

Happy creature
You’ll never be lost
Your glorious power
It’s you, it’s me, i it’s us.

Stars shine,
hearts beat.
A fire within me
That can defeat.

A World of Happily Ever After

I want a heart wrenching, tissue searching, soul gripping romance.

A book of love

First love.

Forbidden love.

Treasured love.

I want to escape in the passion.

Be the voyeur…the little girl peeping through the bullet hole.

I want to feel the joy run through her skin as he kisses her ever so gentle beneath the ear.

Tremble with his touch.

Feel the Fire.



I want to smile, laugh and cry knowing he will always come back for her.

And I want to close my eyes and believe, in a world where there is so much hate, so much war, so much struggle for power and freedom, that wonderful, little love stories are erupting everywhere.


A response to the Daily Promt: The Great Devide

Inspired by a remarkable read, The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons