Where Art Thou Summer?

Melbourne I love you but looking outside my window today I have a bone to pick with you.

Where have you taken summer? Why have you replaced it with autumn minus the beautiful brown falling leaves?

I don’t want to be angry. In fact this year I have made a strong commitment to eliminate as much anger as I can. But as I sit here, with my shorts on, stubbornly refusing to put on my winter trackies, I can’t help feeling annoyed.

Don’t you understand, I look forward to summer? I want to feel, touch, smell and hear the heat. I want my senses to be over whelmed by the abundance of heat. I don’t want to imagine I am lying on a beach, golden sand beneath me, with waves crashing around me. I want to be on that beach.

The only way I have learned to appreciate the cold, is knowing that the person who delivers it, also delivers the glorious sun!

They say that absence makes the heart grow founder; absences is making my wish I lived in another city!

I am sorry Melbourne but you have to understand. Today I had plans, and although I should have considered making them after I read your weather predictions, I still feel let down.  I wanted to spend Sunday outdoors, walking the dogs, riding the bikes, possibly swimming, running under sprinklers, playing with super soakers and eating ice cream.

However I wake up this morning, open the front door, only to be thrown the devastating realisation, that no one had answered my preys and delivered me my summer.

Dear Melbourne Weatherman,

Re: Summer Extension.

I am prepared to throw you a deal. Lets shake things up! I propose that since two months of summer have been taken from us, we kindly negotiate to have two months from Autumn. I am more than happy for Autumn to have a chat with winter and sort out a similar trade. However the bargaining factor is this: come September 1st, 2015, things go back to normal, and Spring starts on time!

Yours sincerely,

A concerned citizen of fab-you-lous Melbourne!

6 thoughts on “Where Art Thou Summer?

  1. Everyone on the planet is a little annoyed with Mother Natures decision to toy with us and our plans. She is our mother and will always have it her way. Sorry your plans are ruined. Weather has become weird everywhere. I loved the rant though. You say what we are all feeling sometimes.


  2. We woke up to 32 degree weather this morning in Florida! Even though our seasons are reversed from yours, I am sooooo ready for warmer weather! This is Florida for goodness sake! 😉 ~Elle


  3. I just moved out of Melbourne, but I feel your pain. Maybe more actually; I’ve moved to Tassie. Brrrrrr. Very entertaining blog by the way!


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