You can run but you can’t hide.

Hello 2015 & Happy New Year to the Blogging Community.

I took a leave of abscence towards the end of last year: had a few minor set backs and like dominions everyone came to the mash up party; work, health & life!

The human mind is a powerful entity. A moment of weakness and it has the potential to effect the whole body, for as long as you allow it too.

So i got lost in December only to find myself washed up on the coastline of Vietnam, in the town of Hoi An (more information about our 7 day adventure to come,) with a very handsome fella and a brand new year at my finger tips!

We can drift away, go for short strolls, run a few marathons, get off the beaten path but the truth is we can’t steer too far from of our true destiny! I may not be 100% sure what my true destiny is just yet but I know its fab-you-lous and I am willing to keep getting back on my bicycle, pedalling one foot closer towards it.

Here’s to a smashing 2015!


Coincidence, or perhaps not, but Adultery was my vacation read!

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