A Habitual Makeover!

I have a habit of giving up!

Strange for a girl who was born with good will, determination, strength and a back bone ingrained with stubbornness.

But my 20’s have some how taught me, when the going gets tough…wallk away! Over the last two weeks I have been dealing with a range of emotions all related to my habit of letting myself down.

The reason why it fustrates, angers, saddens and drives me crazy is that I see it happen right in front of my very own eyes and I don’t stop. In the midst of goal kicking, body smashing, power pumping I find an reason to fall of track.

In fact, I don’t event initiate it any more, like all habits be it bad or good, it has become part of my normal routine.  My brain has been been reprogrammed to automatically restart just as results are starting surface and transformations begin to transpire.

I have habit trigger’s that are deeply embedded into my subconscious and need to be attended to. Whilst Sara on the outside, is ready to commit to a new phase of fabyoulessness, ready to make changes towards creating a successfull, happy & healthier future, subconsciously, on the inside, emotional and physical habit triggers, are far to strong to help make my goals become a reality.

I am in need of hardcore habitual makeover!

My body is resisting change.  It extremely frustrating and very annoying.  Lately it has been keeping my on edge.   Why am I resisting? Why do i feel its a constant 2 steps forward one step back? I can see it, I can taste it and I KNOW I CAN HAVE IT by why is it so damn hard?

Anyone else out there feel my pain?

First I must remind myself that there is no quick fix, change isn’t easy and whilst i may have been working towards a new personal freedrom for quite some time, have I simply just been scratching at the surface?

What am I not releasing subconsciously that is holding me back?

I am one of the most disorganised person I know.  Just last week I lost my bank card for the third time this year!  In fact the stranger at the bank teller, who is clearly not really a stranger at all, told me that I should where it around my neck as she remembers ordering  me a new one only 2 MONTHS AGO!

I never write down a plan of action. In fact I never write down a plan. I create goals, formulate ideas and get ambtious and excited about future dreams but shamed to admit it,  I never actually write them down.

I take no real ownership from my goals. I don’t document them.  I don’t track them.

I have a habit of  avoiding accountability.

If nobody knows, no one will see me fail.

Why am I so scared of not achieving my goals?

Because I spend to much time worrying what people will think of me if I don’t do what I set out to do.

To scared of letting others down… I am letting myself down every day.

Did you know up until 3 days ago I was a smoker? After being a reformer smoker…….for 12 months…..TWICE! One of the worst habits a health enthusiast could have.  I mean talk about your body and mind acting in opposition right!

So where to now? My plan of action:  Identify, Destroy, Rebuild.

I am dedicating the last two months of 2014 to creating a well planned, solid platform, for no exceptions for fabulous 2015. Those New Years Resolutions which I draft in my head every year but never stuck to are going to be a nicely thought out list of goals to tick off. Published and finalised before midnight 31st of December.

But why should I wait to start working on them next year? There is no day like today! So whilst the list is developing I am already moving towards my habitual makeover!

“Change might not be fast and isn’t always easy.  But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.” – Charles Dughigg

This Sunday I will be posting a list of bad habits that I will be taking control of in 2015.  I challenge you to do the same.

You can keep track of my progress by watching this space.

Join in with the challenges and stay accountable with me!

I would love for you from you.

Please share your habitual enemies, plans for a makeover and goals for making 2015 fab-you-lous! 

10 thoughts on “A Habitual Makeover!

  1. I think it’s sometimes better (at least at the beginning) to start a project anonymously but one has to eventually gather up the courage to showcase our goals even though it’s frightening and terrifying. I figured that either you get positive feedback then that’s great and if you get some criticism, at least you could take the good from it and improve at a certain extent. I’ll be glad to join in the journey with you! I want to make some changes for myself.

    Wish you the best!! xx


  2. Thanks for motivating me this morning. There are two blog posts on my “to do” list. One on New Years Resolutions and another on my habit of making lists. I’m eager to hear how your journey turns out. Good luck!


  3. Goals are only wishes until you write them down and create an action plan that is usable. I have the goal to loose extra weight every year, day or week. No concise action plan. No follow through. But now when it comes to something I really want and I write it down, it eventually gets checked off my list. Something about the connection from the hand to the brain. It doesn’t work as well to type it out. Different wires in the brain at work. The writing makes it real. If I really want something that I think I can have, I write it and get it. My house, is the latest example. For some reason, I don’t think I can have a thin healthy body. I’m working to see where the snag is on that one. May even resort to the tapping method. Heck, I’ve tried everything else. Motivation and resolution last till I see the desserts in the grocery store. I have been making myself over more years than you’ve been alive. Then I look in the mirror and it’s the same me. 😉 I


    • I love pen and paper…. No matter how far advanced technologoy becomes i will always favour my HB Pencill & notebook. These days I always carry around my notebook and pencil and i am writting down everything. Its fantastic, all part of my new makeover! A little tip about the weight lose sometimes you need to just stop trying. I know it sounds strange but sometimes less pressure on your body works! These days i am trying to practice to stop worry so much and just ensure i live a happy and healthy lifestyle! Best of luck and thanks for the comment.


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  5. I share very similar problems. I too have a huge problem with avoiding accountability. If no one knows, then they can’t be disappointed. This is a problem I have been trying to work on, but as you said it’s so not easy.


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