Problems of a Perfectionist!

So it’s Wednesday, 4 days out from my Pink Ribbon Fundraiser Event,  Pink Ribbon Girls Day Out and the protectionist inside of me is going a little cuckoo!

I set out to organise this event only six weeks ago,  I now see I was possibly selling myself a little short of time from the beginning.

“That’s okay it’s a learning curve for next time,” I tell myself.

Realistically I hate learning curves!

Even though, I know I have probably done the best I can,  I still want to do more, have more, get more, sell more…..more, more, MORE!

Is that a problem with society today? Do we always want more of what have or even need?

Do we expect way to much of ourselves?

I need a reality switch: Instead of looking at all the wonderful things I have achieved, the organisations I have brought together as sponsors, the wonderful guests I have by my side, the family and friends who have lent me fabulous huge hands and  the funds I have been able to raise for The Pink Ribbon Campaign, I am focusing on the negative.


Breath, relax, be patient and be kind,  

Sunday the 2nd of November is going to be a wonderful sunny Melbourne Day.

Join us on the rooftop at Campari House restaurant & Rooftop.

23 – 25 Hardware Ln, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

We have 15 tickets left before we are sold out! BOOK NOW!

I can’t wait to share this day with everyone and help make a difference.


Pink Ribbon Event Invite_A3-0

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