Who am I and why am I here?

Sara Caputo; daughter, sister, aunty, friend, girlfriend, lover, spoilt brat, princess, performer, artist, writer, entertainer, creative lunatic, clown, actress, dancer, image conscious, image obsessed, foodie, fitness nut, yogi, burpee queen, beast… sexy beast, right handed, left brain newbie, business woman, business owner, program developer, motivator, helper, procrastinator, passionate, fiery, explosive, emotional italian and fab-u-lous! For some the answer to who am I just rolls of their tongue, for others the moment they get asked their insides turn, their throats tighten and and their brain thumps…crazy, stressful thoughts start shooting off inside you as you stand, paralysed and dumb founded wanting to scream, “How the hell do I answer this?” That’s me! Whats the right answer? What’s the answer that is most true to the current situation? What does the the other person want the answer to be? Why does this have to be so hard? And the answer to that is simple… I doesn’t! You are who you are, whatever you are and it can be one word, 10 words, 500 words. It may be easy to formulate or the longest sentence ever made full of grammatical errors and non existent words. What ever it is I am sure its Fab-u-lous and I want to find it. By the way I am just finding this all too! I am here to share my crazy journey of finding fabulous, Admitting and accepting who you are, where you come from and where you might be going can get tricky and sticky and eekie and if we can’t talk about, laugh about it, cry about it and share it with people then that would be just a tad boring. I love telling stories. This is my creative journey and if someone out there reads this, connects with it or exits the page with a smile than thats my bonus. Lets find Fab-u-lous everywhere!

4 thoughts on “Who am I and why am I here?

  1. That was a new spin on about me. Liked it. Just changed mine as well. Sometimes I’m droll, sometimes light. You have and interesting start so I’ll check it out further. Thank you for following. Hope you found it not too droll. 🙂


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